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You can book your seat with our online booking system on this web site, paying with the following methods:
Paypal or in our Partner hotel or hostel you are staying at.

For more information ask your hotel staff, call us on 3176244420 -- 3112714802
or contact us on reservation@colombiaontheroad.com

Monday + Thursday San Agustín-Tierradentro-Tatacoa

San Agustín 7.30 am
Tierradentro 13.30 pm
Villa Vieja, Tatacoa 19.00 pm

Thuesday and Friday Tatacoa-Neiva-San Agustín

Tatacoa, Villa Vieja 9.00 am
Neiva 10.15 am
San Agustín 15.00 pm

Wednesday and Saturday Popayan-San Agustín-Popayan

San Agustin 8.00 am
Popayan 13.30 pm
San Agustín 18.00 pm