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Colombia on the Road

Welcome to Colombia on the Road.

We offer comfortable door-to-door passenger transport on the route San Agustin –Tierradentro -Neiva - Tatacoa - Neiva - San Agustin, that includes photo stops and a lot of information about the route and he places you will visit.

You can book your seat directly through our online booking system on this page or our Partner hotel or hostel you are staying at.

Monday + Thursday San Agustín-Tierradentro-Tatacoa

San Agustín 7.30 am
Tierradentro 13.30 pm
Villa Vieja, Tatacoa 19.00 pm

Thuesday and Friday Tatacoa-Neiva-San Agustín

Tatacoa, Villa Vieja 9.00 am
Neiva 10.15 am
San Agustín 15.00 pm

Wednesday and Saturday Popayan-San Agustín-Popayan

San Agustin 8.00 am
Popayan 13.30 pm
San Agustín 18.00 pm


San Agustín-Tierradentro or Tierradentro-Tatacoa 60.000.-pesos / seat or 21 Dollar /seat
Neiva-Tatacoa or Tatacoa-Neiva 24.000.- pesos / seat or 8 Dollar / seat
Tatacoa-San Agustín 60.000.- pesos / seat or 21 Dollar / seat
San Agustin-Popayan o Popayan-San Agustin 50.000.- pesos / seat or 17 Dollar / seat