Why travel with us?

What distinguishes us is the quality of our service.

The advantages to travel with us are: We pick you up directly at your hotel, hostel or home and drop you off at your destination. You dont have to take taxis and you avoid the stress at bus terminals. This way you safe time and nerves. You travel in a comfortable vehicule. There is enough leg space even for the tall traveler. We work with experienced drivers. Our goal is not to get to the destination as fast as possible but safe. And we care about people and animals on the roadside.

A journey with us is not just about getting from one place to the other; we want you to enjoy the trip itself, to live it as an experience. We provide you information about the areas we come through and the people who live there. And we stop at scenic places for photos.

As a conclusion, our service is: comfortable, safe, interesting, good fun, relaxed and flexible.

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